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August 21 2019

--lydschi on Twitter

July 05 2019

--tam.hanna on Instagram

Clubabend 7/2019 - old hams welcoming new hams

June 26 2019

--tamhanna on Twitter

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June 06 2019

--tam.hanna on Instagram

Working Filippo IK1ZYY near Turin (beeline 735km) and Gerald OE1GQA using OE1XTU (almost in calling distance, 1.83km) while sneak peeking at the new Icom IC -7610 SDR transceiver during MetaFunk club evening 6/2019.
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May 10 2019

Clubstation MetaFunk Vienna OE1XMV @ Maker Faire Vienna 2019

November 03 2018

9070 a617 390

Life's too short
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…for QRP
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9067 5f7f 390

"B…, please"
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October 24 2018

morserino @

TEDx Vienna 2018 – Simplexity
20 October 2018 - Volkstheater, Vienna

October 13 2018

Nach erfolgreicher Prüfung…
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October 09 2018

October 04 2018

MetaFunk Clubabend 10/2018
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MetaFunk Clubabend 10/2018

MetaFunk Clubabend 10/2018
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September 27 2018

Handicraft both me and you will adore, honey
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September 18 2018

September 11 2018

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