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July 17 2018

July 13 2018

9059 da10 390
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July 06 2018

Tom spotted this one

July 03 2018

satellite (ISS?) photobombing the meteor radar

June 30 2018

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Meteor Radar: Live stream from the roof of Naturhistorisches Museum Wien: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTI_fl1qw18

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June 28 2018

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Alexander Gerst funkt mit Schülern aus Herrenberg und Leverkusen 27.06.2018 10:32 UTC --hamspirit.de
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May 22 2018

Coming soon!

Morserino-32 is the next generation morserino. Based on an ESP32 microcontroller (which includes an OLED display as well as WiFi and LoRa wireless capabilities, this will be an extremely powerful Morse code training device.

This will be available as a kit - easy to assemble as all SMD components will be on the PCB already, so you only have to solder the 10 other components onto the board by yourself.

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May 15 2018

--harkank on Twitter

May 08 2018

--oilheap on Twitter

Funky metafunk shortwave antenna in da house
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Funky metafunk shortwave antenna in da house
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0495 cd74 390

Funky metafunk shortwave antenna in da house

OE1XMW/1 at Maker Faire Vienna 2018
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8199 7e85 390

Was ist Amateurfunk? - ein fesselndes Gebiet!

Schnappschuss vom oe1.oevsv.at-Stand auf der MFV18
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