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June 16 2016

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Inspection of "oldie but goldie" multimeter BBC Goerz Metrawatt MA 5D during MetaFunk meetup on June 15, 2016.
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Tinkering with Philips/Fluke RF generator during MetaFunk meetup on June 15, 2016.

June 14 2016

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June 09 2016

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Just Married - Andi & Meli
OE4DNS is a geek! Rainbows and other light effects for Meli during their long overdue wedding at sun syncline HI. – gl to both of you!
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May 28 2016

Hackspace Improvement
Tool Time at Metalab: A goodie bag from eustore.ifixit.com well received - @iFixit: thanks folks!
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May 16 2016

Trauerfeier Mi 18.5.2016, 11:00, Friedhof Hernals 
1170 Wien, Leopold-Kunschak-Platz 7
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May 10 2016

R.I.P. Schorschi  😢
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May 06 2016

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Oliver, OE1ODS showed us his tinkerings with some RTL-SDR dongles, GNUradio and GQRX during MetaFunk club evening 5/2016
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Oliver, OE1ODS showed us his tinkerings with some RTL-SDR dongles, GNUradio and GQRX during MetaFunk club evening 5/2016

May 03 2016

May 02 2016

Herbert Gnauer mit Radio Dispositiv über dreiundzwanzig Begegnungen bei seinem Streifzug durch die erste Maker Faire Vienna.
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May 01 2016

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Debian Hams and Software Defined Radio (SDR)
miniDebConf Vienna, 2016-05-01, FH Technikum
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April 27 2016

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April 26 2016

On Sunday, Iain Learmonth and I will be collaborating on a workshop/demonstration on Software Defined Radio from the perspective of ham radio and the Debian Ham Radio Pure Blend.

Amateurfunk Radio Ö1, matrix.orf.at, 2016-04-24
Just do it! Die erste Maker Faire in Österreich. 
Anna Masoner, Franz Zeller, Wolfgang Stuflesser, Lukas Plank
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April 24 2016

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by @lumbric, made on Metalab's cuttr! in the thick of #mfv16 fray

April 23 2016

improved version 2 of Austrian ham radio stations including geo-location plot und gender distribution by OE6WDE
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April 22 2016

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